February Mini Quilt

After munch procrastination, because honestly I let those tiny house intimidate me this month, I am thankful for the bonus day to get things done!

I made a couple house blocks when my son was finally back in good health this month, but just wasn’t getting into sewing the tiny pieces.

However on leap day, my son happened to be really excited about playing with the homemade play dough his aunt had made and this gave me more uninterupted sewing time than I have had in a long time! So I dug in.

I started by making all of the house pairings I was going to use. (This one house by one house business was taking forever.) I cut all of my tiny pieces and then got to sit and sew each one and they came together very quickly.

These little houses are so cute! I just love the results.

Sometimes we lose our sewing mojo, and its just a small inspiration or sewing time that gets it back.

So that was my learning from this month’s project. Even if it seems hard, get in there and start or try, because the results could be beautiful!

Happy Quilting!

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